Vintage (vin · tuhj),Bring Natures Back & Natural Wellness Home

VINTAGE is committed to re-define natural beauty and wellness from head to toe with the help of transformative plant-powered products that address the needs of all ages, skin types and concerns. We uncover the truth of nature and facts about our products because staying healthy inside and out should not be a mystery. Rest assured, VINTAGE will be with you one step at a time in embarking on a wellness journey so you and your loved ones can rely on us to feel strong, safe and confident naturally as you bring natural beauty and wellness home.

How it all Began?

Venturing back to the roots of nature’s wonder is the uniqueness of VINTAGE. Our team of purpose-driven medical professionals are consistently yearning to transform and prioritise the overall wellness of society with state-of-the-art scientific research.

Our passion for nature’s transformative powers in the form of superfood and wonder plants pushes us to bring you cruelty-free, chemical-free and 100% nature-focused products designed to fit into every daily routine and healthy lifestyle.

Social Impact For The Environment

VINTAGE protects nature’s beauty to bring you the beauty in the most natural way. We are committed to lead people closer to mother nature with our appreciation towards the restorative powers of nature. VINTAGE sources our potent natural ingredients responsibly from reliable suppliers so we can ensure the formulations that reach your skin, hair and body are safe. We pride ourselves in respecting mother nature throughout the manufacturing process of our plant-based beauty and wellness products with high-performing natural formulations in the cleanest way possible without compromising the environment.

Our Promise to You