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We channel our passion towards nature through plant-powered beauty and wellness products

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Transformative All-Natural Products,

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Personal Care

Elevate your personal care remedy and glow up naturally with our skincare, bodycare and haircare collection rooted from pure botanical extracts. Our chemical-free products treat your skin and hair well in the most natural way.

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Kids Care

Your children deserve all the love and care with our body care and bath products free from chemicals, retaining their skin’s natural states, proteins, and moisture without stripping off their skin that leads to skin allergies.

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organic health food

Health Food

Embark on a wellness journey and naturally obtain better health by consuming clean organic food. We sourced fresh and quality from responsible suppliers, so you get to free your body from unhealthy additives and experience the raw power of natural goodness.

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We make discovering natural supplements more straightforward than ever before. Restore and refuel your body effectively with our pure and nutrientdense supplements infused with natural formula so you can flourish in your daily lives.

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Natures Wonder

Re-defining Natural Beauty & Wellness

VINTAGE is an umbrella of truly natural products focused on functional beauty and wellness, inside and out. Every product is blended only with the highest quality of natural ingredients saturated with the most powerful nutrients and minerals, as we sourced them from trusted origins whilst carefully considering every concern you have from head to toe.

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HALAL Ingredients

100% Natural

Plant Based

Cruelty Free

 Cruelty-Free . All-Natural . Plant-Powered .  Cruelty-Free . All-Natural . Plant-Powered . Cruelty-Free . All-Natural . Plant-Powered .  Cruelty-Free . All-Natural . Plant-Powered . Cruelty-Free . All-Natural . Plant-Powered . Cruelty-Free . All-Natural . Plant-Powered .

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